I not really sure what this is going to be about or focused on... In fact, it more likely than not will be about absolutely nothing at all... but hey, it's me, so just sit back, relax, have fun, and enjoy! ;P

“I want to write a novel about silence. The things people don’t say.”

—   Virginia Woolf (via unabashinglyme)

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“You’re not a bad person for the ways you tried to kill your sadness.”

—   Unknown (via blackbruise)

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I hate myself and the way I look so much. Like I don’t even have words for this complete feeling of utter disgust. I honestly can’t handle it.


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Lindsey Stirling takes an unsuspecting crowd on a spontaneous steampunk pirate adventure in her new video,”Master of Tides.” 
Watch this epic live performance powered by 25 wireless speakers and captured by 15 hidden cameras.

This. is. AWESOME!!!

Bring Me The Horizon//Hospital For Souls

“Genie, you’re free.”